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New Zealand - Kalos Golf - Friday, December 6, 2019

Stevie and I arrived in Queenstown a few days ahead of the scheduled Kalos trip as we’ve been here before and enjoy Queenstown.  The main reason we are here is to play golf with the Kalos Golf group.  However, it’s been raining since we arrived.  Today is our first day of golf.  And it’s STILL raining.  

We arrived at Jack’s Point to a cold rainy mess.  Don’t know why, but we decided to go out on the course to see if the conditions improved.  What were we thinking???
I’ve made it a policy
never to play golf in the rain.  We have too many pretty days to torture ourselves in the cold and rain.  But these courses in New Zealand are too spectacular to miss.  So Stevie and I boarded the bus for Jack’s Point to play golf.  I brought my iPad along ... just in case the weather was miserable ... at least I would be able to work on this blog instead.  We finally decided to go out on the course and check things out.  If the rain persists, the back up plan was to find our way back to the clubhouse, warm up, dry out and have a beverage.  

I was wearing so many clothes that I could barely move my arms, much less swing a club.  And when we arrived at Jack’s Point, I added a rain suit to the wardrobe.  I literally had on 6 layers on top Trying to keep warm.  The rain was very light, so Stevie and I decided to give it a go. The first two holes were a disaster.  I was so layered up with clothing, I could not swing the club.  The second two holes were only slightly better, and with the rain and wind continuing, we were about to throw in the towel.  In the distance, I could see the sky lightening and was hopeful that it was headed our way.  After confirming with My Radar app on the phone, we decided to stick it out. I'm glad we did, as the rain finally stopped and the sun popped out.  Our game improved and we enjoyed the day.  

What were we thinking???  It’s cold and wet out here!!
We played with two ladies from North Carolina.  One of them is a strong Democrat and thought that perhaps the reason some of my shots were going hard right was due to the Donald Trump club head cover that proudly protects my three wood.  Keep America Great!!  Rock on Donald.  But loose the Twitter Account!!  And by the way, we don’t discuss politics on the golf course.  

Margo and Sally from North Carolina were in our foursome.
Jack’s Point is a lovely course.  Very hilly with incredible views of the Remarkables snow capped peaks and beautiful blue/green Lake Wakatopi.  We were surrounded by beautiful views in every direction as well as the interesting topography of the golf course.

The course was truly beautiful with the Remarkables standing tall in the background.

Meet Ralph, the adorable on course refreshment stand.  The attendant, Beth, from the U.S., made a killer hot chocolate.
We finished the round of golf, returned to our hotel, and then Stevie and I went shopping one more time to find a specific Christmas gift, that can't be mentioned here.  I'll just say ... mission accomplished.  We came back to the Sofitel and met some of our Kalos group in the lounge for cocktails. Brad and Diane, are folks that I met in San Diego a couple of years ago.  Delightful people and we enjoyed sharing stories with them until time for dinner.  

Diane and Brad.  When I met them in San Diego a couple of years ago, they were not married, but had been together for 18 years.  About two years ago, they shocked their friends and family and got married. 

Stevie and I had dinner reservations at The Boardwalk.  We arrived to a power outage in the whole pier area.  So we had a quick cocktail at The Pier and then made our way back to Fergburger for a delicious gourmet burger that we ate in our hotel lobby with our fabulous server, Sara.
Interesting Ferburger Fact, they cook and serve over 3000 burgers every day.  They are open 23 hours per day, only closing for one hour to clean.

Double Meat, Double Cheese FergBurger.  Yum!!
We have become quite fond of Sara.  She has taken great care of us.  She had a beautiful map of the world along with a personal note delivered to our rooms as a souvenir.  I’d say, she’s gone above and beyond.  She’s on a work VISA from Italy and new to the Sofitel.  She wants to learn as much as she can about the different areas of the hotel to be well trained so she can work more hours.  She will go far in her hospitality career.

This is Sara.  Wish I had a job for her.  Workers with her work ethic and integrity are few and far between.  

After the Ferburger break, it was definitely time to crash for the evening.  Tomorrow we play Milbrook.  

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