Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Cortona, Italy - Wrap Up

Having been home from Italy for a week, I've had time to unpack my bags, catch my breath, work through the jet lag of waking up every morning at 4:00 a.m. and finally to reflect on this fabulous trip.    

Stevie, you did not miss a trick.  As we say in the car business ... you checked ALL the boxes.  I don't think we could have worked another activity into the itinerary.  We wouldn't have wanted to.  Everything was perfect.  From the museums, basilicas, wineries, painting and cooking classes, everything was so well planned and could not have been more fun.  Not only did you plan a fabulous trip, but you invited wonderful people!  It was such fun spending time with you, Mary Ann, Jean Marie and Jan.  We are now Lucy sisters forever!!  

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  

Where will our next adventure lead us??

All 1254 photos from our trip could not be included in this blog, but these certainly deserve honorable mention and hopefully, they'll bring a smile to our faces.  

 Stevie Relaxing Poolside at Villa Santa Maria

David.  Need I say more?

Stefanel.  Stevie's new store.  Cross between Stephanie and Chanel.

Just too cute!!  

Jean-Marie Buying Gloves at Ponte Vecchio

Another "Selfie Stick" photo.

Mary Ann distributes Toilet Paper to everyone.

The church within a church in Assisi.

Love you, Jannie!!


Now you see the lobster.  When lunch comes ... no lobster. 

Toasting with potatoes.  SO GOOD!

Thank you for the scarves, Jean-Marie.

Had to buy something to use the facilities.

Chef Mary Ann

Chef Stevie

Chef Jean-Marie

Chef Jan

Chef (Ha!) Julie

YAY!  Cook time is over.  Kitchen "selfie"

Lucy Stevie and Lucy Julie

The Lucys bundled up for the cool weather


Grape Wagon Ride

Stomping Grapes

Yup!  We really used our FEET.  This is bound to be a good vintage!

Lucy Mary Ann and Lucy Jan

Lucy Jean-Marie and Lucy Stevie

Lucy Stevie Wants More Wine.

Lucy Jan

Lucy Mary Ann